Firearm Transfers



Until the State Police issue my Licensing Certification

Firearm Transfers

After completing the sales for your new firearm (by the way congratulations) the seller cannot just drop your new firearm in the mail to you. It must be transferred to a license Federal Firearms Licensee aka FFL.

 Under the tab on my web site Firearm Transfer Information is a transfer form for you to complete, please attach a copy of your Drivers License and FOID card.  If you need to contact me for any additional information please use my email 

Transfer Cost

JK Guns and Ammo charges $35.00 per firearm / or lower.


Private Party Sale

 JK Guns and Ammo Inc. will only send our license to other FFL’s.  If you are buying the firearm from a Private Party, they do not need a copy of JK Guns and Ammo Inc. license. They can simply send the firearm to us – with a copy of their Drivers License and FOID card if an Illinois resident, however, they need to contact JK Guns and Ammo Inc.  before sending it. They can email us at:

Waiting Period

When a customer has a firearm shipped from another FFL or out of state, when does the waiting period begin? The waiting period starts when the agreement is reached with the seller. It need not be the FFL making the transfer of the firearm. If the firearm was paid for and/or shipped from another FFL, the waiting period began prior to when the FFL conducting the transfer received the firearm. JK Guns and Ammo Inc.

Pick Up your new Firearm


Once your receive your TRACKING / SHIPPING information, I ask that you forward me a copy A.S.A.P.

  I work a regular job, my F.F.L. transfers our conducted from 5-7 p.m. M.W.T. and 10-4 on Saturdays by appointment and after your firearm is delivery and checked in YES THESE TIMES ARE FLEXABLE. 

After completing your paperwork JK Guns and Ammo Inc. must still receive approval from Illinois State Police before releasing the firearm. If your new firearm is a Pistol you must also have lock when you pick it up. It’s not always included in the box.

 You must bring you ID and FOID with you and the address on both must match.